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Parenting Programme including workshops

At PfP, we understand that many parents will come to our service with little previous parenting experience or where significant concerns have previously been raised about their ability to care for their child.

One of our services two key aims is to help parent(s) improve their confidence, skills and behaviours so that their child has the best possible chance of staying in their parent(s) care.

Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance to parents when they need it. When a family is first admitted to the Service there will be very high levels of support in place (a minimum of 1:1 for the baby), to better understand how a parent is able to care for their child and the support they require.

Support is provided via advice, guidance, modelling and formal teaching programmes, such as workshops. All of our staff who deliver workshops are suitably skilled and have been assessed as competent.

Our workshops are delivered on an individual and group basis. We recognise that each family member may have different learning needs and styles and therefore we tailor our workshop to suit each parents’ individual needs, as identified on admission.

Each workshop will be delivered using a mixture of visual and verbal teaching methods to aid understanding. The parent’s knowledge will be tested via feedback at the end of each session and they will be provided with information to revisit the content in their own time.

Each parent will receive a certificate on successful completion of each workshop to demonstrate their participation and attendance. Every parent’s ability to implement these skills is then assessed by suitable team members via a competency-based skills assessment during the placement. This is reviewed and verified by a member of our MDT and captured in family’s progress reports and the final parenting assessment.

We believe that it is vital that where parents show progress, we celebrate their achievements, helping to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Parents are asked to share what they have learned and how they are feeling at the beginning and end of the workshops to measure their progress.

All of our workshops place the needs of the child at the centre of the programme.