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Parenting Assessments

Where a parenting assessment is required (see points to note below), we provide high quality, holistic, evidenced-based assessments of parenting capacity that:

  • are in line with the principles outlined in the Framework for Assessment of Children in Need and their families.
  • consider the individual needs of the child, the capacity of parents to respond appropriately to these needs, and the impact of wider family and environmental factors on parenting capacity.
  • are a dynamic child-centred process, where parents are actively taught skills and acquire knowledge throughout their stay to improve their parenting capacity.
  • are developed using a strengths-based, collaborative approach where parents are provided with opportunities to demonstrate skills they have developed.
  • raise areas of concern with parents and seek to support them to overcome these difficulties (giving primary concern to the child’s safety and wellbeing).
  • document the parent(s) insight into identified risks and their motivation, commitment and ability to change.

Assessments are led by one of our experienced in-house Social Workers, but our Multi-Disciplinary Team all play a key role in the assessment process and contribute to the final report. The MDT consists of our Manager, Lead Social Worker, Social Workers, Health Visitors, Key Workers, Deputy Manager and Assistant Deputy Manager.

We only provide parenting assessments for families who reside (or have resided*) at Ty Seren which include, unless otherwise agreed by the Placing Local Authority, the following written documents:

  • The Provider Assessment developed by the end of week 1.
  • A Midpoint report (date to be agreed with the Placing Local Authority).
  • A final residential parenting assessment or CUBAS assessment ordinarily by week 12, (including a brief summary document for the parent(s) containing key conclusions and recommendations)

* In specific circumstances, we can provide community-based parenting assessments for a parent that has resided in Ty Seren or where another parent is resident in Ty Seren.

Other points to note

  • PfP is unable to accept a family if the placing authority wishes to undertake their own parenting assessment of the family as we see the assessment as an integral, joined up part of the family’s stay.
  • However, we do accept placements for families where a parenting assessment has already been undertaken, but ongoing support in a residential family centre is required for specific reasons.