A MESSAGE TO OUR STAKEHOLDERS: Partnerships for Progress (PfP)

Our service, formerly known as Family Crosspoint, has been temporarily closed since November 2020, whilst significant changes were implemented to improve service levels.

The temporary closure followed an inspection by Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), and our own investigations, both of which identified a number of areas for improvement in our service. Whilst we are pleased to announce that our core review is now complete, we are continuing to consult closely with CIW and our many partners on our improvement journey. We continue to learn important lessons that are informing our planned new developments, and we are grateful for the patience of our staff whilst this review has been undertaken.

The new service is planned to re-open in September incorporating a changed service model that better reflects our ethos, our leadership and our organisational values.

We are committed to provide a safe and effective service for families in our role as an assessment and intervention centre, and we are looking forward to working closely with statutory partners to help achieve good outcomes for every child. The core purpose at our Service remains:

  • to provide robust and effective parenting assessments so the best possible determination can be made by statutory bodies and courts of what is in each child’s best interests,
  • helping parent(s) improve their self-esteem, confidence, skills and behaviours such that children have the best possible chance to remain in their parents’ care.

How will we do this? In simple terms, we’ll be focussing on the voice and the needs of the family. They will be at the centre of partnerships with our staff, local authorities, health professionals, commissioners, the courts, CIW and others, in order to develop a shared understanding of what is going well and what needs to improve. This gives us the best possible opportunity of achieving together the two elements of our core purpose.

Indeed, partnerships are so integral to the work we do that our new name, “Partnerships for Progress”, reflects this renewed focus.

We will update this page to share future updates but if you would like to contact us, please email us info@pfp.org.uk.

Page updated as at 18th  May 2021