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Objectives & Outcomes

The Centre has been set-up to deliver two core objectives:

  • Help parent(s) improve their skills, confidence and behaviours such that children have the best possible chance to stay in their parents’ care.
  • To provide robust and effective parenting assessments so the best possible determination can be made by statutory bodies and courts of what is in each child’s best interests (particularly from a safeguarding perspective).

Delivering these two objectives ensures we fulfil our mission of supporting each child to have the best start in life.

See About Us and Our Centre for more information on Ty Seren.  See What We Do for more information about how placements and assessments work.


In addition to monitoring our performance against our two core objectives, the management team will report to our Quality Panel and Board on key outcomes including:

  • The progress of each family with the outcomes identified by them in their personal plan.
  • The parenting programme (as self-reported by each family and as evaluated by the centre).
  • Agreed assessment deliverables as set out in the letter of instruction and/or viability assessment.
  • Family and stakeholder satisfaction as reported through surveys and in an analysis of complaints/feedback.