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About Us

Ty Seren is a Residential Family Centre in Bridgend, South Wales that is operated by Partnerships for Progress (PfP).

We offer a service to families that face the prospect of children being removed from their parents’ care, but who, with the right support, may develop their abilities to continue to care for their children on a long-term basis.

A residential family centre is any establishment that provides residential (live-in) services for parents and their children in order to monitor and assess the parents’ ability to look after their children. This means responding to their children’s needs, safeguarding and promoting their children’s welfare.

Families are referred to us from across the UK by local authorities (usually social workers and placement teams), family law professionals and the courts. Families usually reside in our service for 12 weeks.

Range of Needs we can Support

Subject to a detailed Viability Assessment (including an assessment of compatibility with existing families and our ability to support each individual’s needs), we can potentially support a range of individuals and families, including:

– Families with babies up to 2 years old at the time of admission.

– Single parents and/or couples.

– Young parents (over 16) with no previous parenting experience.

– Individuals who have had a previous child removed from their care and decisions need to be made about the future care of the child/children.

– Individual(s) with a range of needs; including:

  • low self-esteem or confidence in their ability as a parent
  • learning needs or a learning disability
  • have had, or currently have, mental health issues
  • have a history of unsecure or unstable housing
  • have themselves had experience of being looked-after
  • may have experienced domestic violence
  • have a history of substance and/or alcohol misuse issues

We are able to offer a range of assessments including Parenting Assessments and PAMS Assessments.


We exist to help parents provide their children with a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive