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Further Information for Families

Welcome to the Family Information section: we will try and make sure that any information you require can be answered.   If your specific question is not answered below, please see the core information on our service in the following section introductions (which themselves have links to supporting relevant information):

If you require any further information, please contact our Service Coordinator on any weekday between 9am and 5pm on 01656 333 637 or email enquiries@pfp.org.uk

Family Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ty Seren? What is a Residential Family Centre?

Ty Seren is a Residential Family Centre located in Bridgend, South Wales.

A residential family centre is a place where parents come with their children for approximately 14 weeks to be supported to develop their parenting skills.

All parents will be subject to an assessment at Ty Seren on their progress and their ability to care for their child and to keep them safe from harm.

Will you be able to support my needs?

Please see Referrals & Admissions Criteria for a summary of the types of individuals we can currently support at Ty Seren.


How do you assess my ability to safely look after my child?

  • We will work closely with you throughout the duration of your stay, to build a picture of how you look after your child.
  • We will do this by observing your interactions with your child whilst at Ty Seren and out in the community.
  • We will support you by providing advice, guidance and encouragement.
  • We will provide regular feedback about what is working well and what needs to change.
  • We will listen to you, talk with you and help you with any issues that either you or we have identified in looking after your child.

Am I allowed to go out with my baby?

Yes, subject to agreement with team members and support services such as your child’s social worker. You may have to be accompanied by a member of the team when you first arrive in the service/during the first stages of the placement.

Do I have to pay anything towards my package?

  • Unless otherwise agreed with your placing local authority, the fee for the assessment and package with Ty Seren will be paid for by the local authority.
  • However, you are expected to provide your own items, as you would in your own home such as food, hygiene products, detergent etc.

Can I make a referral directly to Ty Seren for my own family?

We do not accept referrals to our service directly from families. Referrals will have to be made officially via a professional agency such as a Social Worker, Guardian or Solicitor and may need to be agreed via a Family Court Judge.

How will I know that I am progressing?

There will be regular meetings with the team/Family Support Worker throughout your stay which will update you on your progress. This will highlight any areas where you are improving and will also help focus on any areas that need developing.

Will my benefits stop?

No, in most instances they will carry on as normal. Social Services will arrange for a temporary change of address and help with any other arrangements needed.

Will all my children be able to stay in the unit?

Currently we are only able to support families with all children under the age of two at the point of admission.  This is under review and we may change this in 2024.

Can I bring my own car?

Yes providing it is a single vehicle, fully taxed, insured and roadworthy. There is a limited amount of secure parking immediately outside of the centre.

How many other families will I be staying with?

It would all depend on the occupancy levels on the time of stay but the maximum number of families we support at one time is 11. This however , would be a rare occurrence and is usually less.


Who will work with me when I stay?

Along with your child’s Social Worker and other professionals involved, you will be expected to work with our own team which includes our Health Visitor, Social Worker, Key Worker, Family Support Workers etc.

Every family has a key worker within the Family Support Worker team to help understand your wider experience of the service and identify ways in which we may be able to improve services for you and/or future families. We will agree with you (or take into account the fit with your assessed needs if this is not possible to agree), which member of staff will fulfil this role.

Will my Health Visitor still visit me and my baby?

Yes, when you move to our Service you will allocated a Community Health Visitor from the Local Health Board (Bridgend) who will visit you in placement. We also have our own in-house Health Visitor who will provide extra support and advice and work together with the Community Health Visitor to make sure your baby’s health and development are progressing.

I’m not a very good cook, will I get help?

Yes, our team will be available to advise you on planning your meals, can show you how to use the cooking facilities and help you cook different dishes.

We help families develop the skills needed to give them the confidence to make decisions about their lives and encourage them to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with their children.