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Mission & Values

Underpinning our work is the belief that all individuals have the capacity for positive change.

Our long-term aspiration is to meaningfully help reduce the number of children being looked after, by offering a high quality service to families during placement to help them have the best chance of positive change.

We use evidence-based practice to support any recommendations we make about a child’s future, ensuring that the child’s safety and wellbeing are kept at the centre of our decision making.   See About Us and What We Do for an overview of PfP and Ty Seren.

Our Mission

To support each child to have the best start in life.

Our Values




Families will achieve better outcomes by all of us openly working together to achieve shared aims.


Each individual (child / parent / staff member) is supported to maximise their potential.


Our culture values all individuals and we treat each person with equality, dignity and respect.


We help parents to reflect and make the necessary changes to their behaviour in order to meet their child’s developing needs.

We critically reflect on our own practice to continuously improve the quality of services we provide.


We ensure that every individual using our service is safeguarded to the best our ability and that everyone feels physically and psychologically safe, via the provision of a nurturing environment and supportive relationships.

Our Approach

In addition to our organisational values, central to our work are the values enshrined in the Social Care Wales Codes of Professional Practice.  This includes demonstrating respect and compassion for all individuals, promoting their rights and including them in decision making relating to all aspects of their care. We want to create a culture and practice that is open and responsive to the needs of those who use, and work with, the service.