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What We Do

We offer a tailored package of support to families throughout their stay, based on their identified needs. We hope that with the right support, parents will be able to progress through placement and achieve increasing levels of independence when caring for their child. To provide clear structure and direction to placement, we have a 5 stage model, which unless otherwise agreed with the Placing Local Authority and in the family in their Personal Plan is as set out below.


Developing each parent’s potential: learning and practising life skills

At PfP, we understand that many parents will come to our service with little previous parenting experience or where significant concerns have previously been raised about their ability to care for their child.

Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance to parents when they need it.

Support is provided via advice, guidance, modelling and formal teaching programmes, such as workshops. All of our staff who deliver workshops are suitably skilled and have been assessed as competent.

Our workshops are delivered on an individual and group basis. We recognise that each family member may have different learning needs and styles and therefore we tailor our workshop to suit each parents’ individual needs.


Our Objectives

The Centre has been set-up to deliver two core objectives:

  • Help parent(s) improve their skills, confidence and behaviours such that children have the best possible chance to stay in their parents’ care.
  • To provide robust and effective parenting assessments so the best possible determination can be made by statutory bodies and courts of what is in each child’s best interests (particularly from a safeguarding perspective).

Delivering these two objectives ensures we fulfil our mission of supporting each child to have the best start in life.

Stage 1: Assessment and management of critical risks


Effective welcome to service; initial assessment of parenting skill & needs; development of Provider Assessment & Personal Plan; focus on safeguarding & risk assessment.


Stage 2: Acquiring key parental knowledge & skills and risk reduction


Based on a joint (parents, Purchasing Local Authority & Ty Seren) assessment, focus on improving parenting skills in priority areas identified.



Stage 3: Embedding skills


Ongoing parenting assessment; continuing focus on the core elements of the parenting programme; community-based risk assessments (focusing on the ability to be safe in the community). Preparing the midpoint review and report to the Purchasing Local Authority.



Stage 4: Demonstrating ability to sustain independence


Finalising the parenting assessment; supporting the parent(s) with areas of identified ongoing need; encouragement of positive risk-taking in areas assessed as appropriate with lower levels of staffing support.


Stage 5: Planning for transition


Ongoing assessment of ability of family to live more independently and sustain parenting practices.  Help the family to prepare for leaving the centre.


We exist to help more parents and children remain together as a family unit