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PAMS Assessments

Parenting Assessment Manual Software (PAMS) is an evidence-based parenting assessment tool developed by Dr Sue McGaw, a nationally renowned Clinical Psychologist and is primarily used for parents with learning difficulties or disabilities. It uses various visual aids and workbooks to help the assessor make a judgment on the parent’s knowledge, skills and consistency in responding to their child’s needs.

PfP is unable to accept a family if the placing authority wishes to undertake their own PAMS assessment of the family as we see the assessment as an integral, joined up part of the family’s stay.

The placing local authority and court will set a deadline for the assessment. This is usually within 12 weeks of the family being admitted to the Service.

PfP will always ask the placing local authority if a cognitive and/ or capacity assessment has been undertaken with the family prior to admission and will rely on the recommendations in the assessment to inform the way we work with the family.

All assessments adopt a child-centered approach in which the safety, health and well-being of every child is prioritised. Our Service’s mission is to support each child to have the best start in life, therefore we give detailed and robust consideration to each parents’ ability to care for the child for the remainder of their childhood.

At PfP, our PAMS assessments cover key aspects of the child’s life, including their developmental needs, parents capacity to care for their child and an understanding of the family and environmental factors at play.

Following completion of the PAMS assessment, a numerical and visual summary of the results is calculated. This provides a visual profile which identifies the strengths, needs and risks associated with the individual or couples’ parenting, as well providing a recommended teaching programme to reduce risks.